Church Reordering News

New turf (donated by our builder and parishioners) is put down to ensure that the Remembrance service goes smoothly and cleanly.

The new floor is down. Waiting for the coating to harden.
A view onto the tower entrance. The rotton flooring and joists have been removed. The walkway has been cut into to take the pipe through.
The services trench reaches the path adjacent to the road, such a lot of work.
T​he North West corner, this picture shows the foul drain pipe entering the Church and an air vent to prevent dry and wet rot by providing an under floor air flow.

5th Ocotber

The floor has been removed in the North West Corner, exposing the serverity of the wet and dry rot found under the flooring.


The work starts - 4th Oct

The digger makes a start on the services trench, from the road to the North West corner

.Head Line News 28th September 2016.

Update on Reordering Progress - September 2016

Finally, almost, the work has begun! As most will know the path to getting water and toilet facilities into St George has been uphill, but the top of the hill is clearly insight.
Next Tuesday (4th October) the builders will be with us and we will see progress.
Initially the trench will be dug for the new services and drains. The trench will follow the line of the wall and breakout into the road under the path.
Next the floor will be taken up and the rot removed/treated. The internal pipes will be laid before the floor is replaced.
Building work by its very nature is disruptive; activities within the church are being affected, but the main Sunday services will take place as normal albeit the pews and hymn books may be a little dusty! Come and look through the barrier and see the under floor fabric of your church and the progress being made.
It is our intention to complete the work before the11th November and providing we don’t find royal remains or treasure trove during the excavations we should be on target for then.
This work is only the first phase of a three-phase project. The remaining phases will see a new toilet, servery and modified tower screen installed for which we are busy fundraising and applying for grants. If you would like to make a donation for this work, please see a member of the PCC or Liz Donabie who would be more than willing to assist. Also, we are holding a Gift Day on 9th October. The Gift Day invites people to offer gifts of cash or cheques to help with this work.

Malcolm Goodridge

27th September 2016

Church Re-Ordering Update
February 2016


Looking around the church today it doesn’t seem as the building work has progressed at all, so I thought it would be useful to provide an update on what has taken place so far and importantly what the next stages will be.

Back in the Autumn 2015 the PCC specified the requirements for the new build and we engaged an architect to draw up a set of plans. Those who were familiar with the original plans will note that they are broadly similar but more affordable. We are still having a W/C where the kitchen is now with a new servery area in the northwest corner. We are also securing the bell tower with a new glazed door, which will allow the church to be used within the wider community.

However there is one major change that we didn’t originally envisage having to deal with - dry rot within the floor joists. We have engaged experts to advise us on how to proceed and unanimously they have said we need to replace the floor area under the red carpet. In some areas, particularly where the new servery will go there are no joists with any substance and the floor is supported by fresh air! Clearly replacement of the floor has to be our top priority.

Plans were submitted to the church authorities (the DAC) for approval – they have given the first of the necessary consents and we are working with them to gain full approval. Unfortunately this isn’t the quickest of processes as there are mandatory requirements that need to be met, including planning consents from English Heritage as well as Wootton Parish. Whist the approvals are being sought, we have written to local builders to gain estimates for doing the work.

The plans on display should be regarded as the latest plans, and not necessarily the final plans since we haven’t yet secured final sign-off from the church authorities, but they do provide insight as to what we are trying to achieve. If you have any questions, please speak to either of your Church Wardens or other members of the Building Forum (Pete & Liz Donabie, Doug Beedie or myself). Alternatively email to the address below.

The next stage is to obtain the all important consents and estimates. Once these are obtained we can go ahead with replacing and treating the floor, installing the drains and water pipes. And that’s when the available funds run out. However once our plans are approved we can seek grants to help with the fundraising for the next phases which will be installing the W/C, servery and bell tower door.

If you would like to help with the fundraising or make a donation, please speak to Liz, Janet or Sally.

Malcolm Goodridge

December: Detailed plans for the proposed toilet and servery have now been submitted to the DAC for approval. We hope to hear soon if these have been passed and that we may continue with the work as money allows.

The flooring at the rear of the Church has been found to have Dry and Wet rot and has to be replaced as soon as possible. It is intended that the internal plumbing work, such as water and waste pipes for the toilet and servery, is installed at the same time as the floor is replaced. We hope to have DAC approval for this shortly.

In the meantime remedial work has been carried out to the satisfaction of the Church's architech and will suffice until it is replaced.

More updates as the project continues.

Fund raising continues so that St. George will be able to meet the needs of the community.

Great news: the Chancellor has now agreed to allow a faculty for the Toilet, Servery and Tower screen modifications.

We are now in a position to engage contractors and will be meeting them later this week, with a view to work starting, possibly, in October.
​Now that we have the Faculty we can start to apply for grants to complete the work that our current funds are insufficient for.
​This type of project is very long and tiresome and we would like to thank everyone, who have been involved over a number of years, for their diligence, hardwork and patience.

Thank you all.