Little Stars - What we have done this year

Little Stars- What we have done

At Little Stars this term we are exploring all that God gives to us.

7th March2017

We met Mary and Martha in our story today. Martha was rushing about cooking, cleaning and serving her guests; Mary was sat at Jesus’ feet. Martha found this most irritating but Jesus told her Mary had chosen wisely.

We all lead busy lives today. Work pressures, family commitments, and especially the school run can all be draining. Have you considered spending a few minutes sitting at the feet of Jesus? You may be surprised by the difference it makes!

28th February 2017

Our story this week is about a paralysed man who was brought to Jesus by his friends. They lowered him down to Jesus through the roof, so desperate were they to get him walking again. But before Jesus healed the man Jesus told him his sins had been forgiven.

I was telling my friend this story a while ago and we got chatting. I wondered what was more important to the man; the ability to walk or to know he was right with God? What would your answer be?

21st February 2017

The woman in our story today approached Jesus during a meal and poured perfume on his feet. The onlookers were horrified but Jesus saw past her troubled life and into her heart.

It can be hard to come to Jesus when we are feeling ashamed or angry, but Jesus is kind and patient and His love can transform your life. Could you take that risk today?

7th February 2017

In our story today Jesus heals the servant of a soldier. The soldier has such faith he approaches Jesus with certainty.

‘There’s no need to come Lord, you can heal him from here, just say the word.’

Jesus said we only need faith the size of a mustard seed (Luke 17:6); God will do the rest.

31 st January 2017

The widow in our story today gives only 2 small coins as her offering to the temple. Jesus said it’s not the amount we give that matters, but where our heart is at. Luke 20:1-4

Lord, thank you that you love us no matter how much we give. Please help us to search our hearts and to give freely and without hesitation.

24th January 2017

The man in our story this week spent years waiting for someone to carry him to a pool for healing. Jesus walks past and challenges the man to get up and walk to the pool himself. He does, and is healed.

At times we can all feel as if we are not able to do something. We may be afraid, tired or just feeling too grumpy. Jesus will always encourage us and help us to keep going.

17th January 2017

Today we heard the story of the woman at the well. Her encounter with Jesus so amazed her that she ran to tell her friends about him.

Encountering the living God will change your outlook, your mind and your heart. Will you take some time to chat with Jesus this week?

10th January 2017

In our story today Jesus meets his first disciples. Jesus asks them to be his friends, and to come and follow him. How will they respond?

They put down their nets and followed him.

Jesus is asking all of us to come and follow him; how will you respond today?

18th October 2016
This week we had fun exploring day 6 of Creation, where God created all the creatures that walk upon the earth, including the first humans.

Families are part of God’s plan. Who do you class as family?

11th October 2016
This week we thought about God’s plan for Creation. He made the birds and the fish at just the right time. With oceans, rivers, trees and plants in their rightful place, the world was ready to receive them.

God has a plan and His timing is perfect. Have you asked God what His plan is for your life?

4th October 2016
This week we explored the difference between day and night and how we use the time God has given to us.

All time belongs to God, and is freely given by God. It is up to us to choose how we use it. How will you employ God’s gift of time today?

27th September 2016
God divided the water and the dry land, and gave us the gift of green and growing things. God has provided us with all we need to produce food and shelter.

The harvest may be plentiful, but today many families are struggling to buy enough to eat. You can spread God’s love this week by giving to your local Food Bank or Harvest Festival.

20th September 2016
This week at Little Stars we explored God’s gift of water.

Water is an essential part of everyday life; we’re unable to live without it. As you reach for your tap today ask God to bless those who lack clean water.

13th September 2016
This week we began with day one of Creation, and thanked God for his gift of light.

Jesus is the light of the world: how will you thank God for Jesus today?