Giving at St George’s

‘Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.’

1 Chronicles 29:14

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’

Winston Churchill

The Joy of Giving
Giving is a gift from God, a way of demonstrating our love for our neighbour and our appreciation of God’s gifts to us. To give freely is a privilege and a joy, and is just one way we can demonstrate a loving God and share our good fortune with others.

This page explains how church money is spent and sets out how you can contribute to the work of the church.

No contribution is insignificant in the eyes of God. We value whatever you can give, whether that’s time and energy or monetary gifts that enable us not just to pay the bills but support an active ministry doing important work in the community.

Our rector, curate and church leaders undertake vital activities in addition to worship on Sunday. These include: conducting baptisms, weddings and funerals, preparing parents and children for baptism, preparing couples for marriage, supporting the bereaved, ministering communion to those who can no longer come to church, leading Worship on Wednesdays (WoW) at Wootton Primary School, working with uniformed organisations and local primary and secondary schools, supporting carers and young children at Little Stars, hosting events like the royal tea party. Please bear this in mind when you read about the parish share, which funds well-trained clergy.

Please think about your giving each year, taking into consideration your own situation, rising costs of living & inflation, and the benefits of having a rector and curate to nurture our church and act as God’s representatives in the community.

Thank you

How is Church Money Spent?















Parish Share Explained

The parish share is a set sum of money paid by the parish to the Diocese of Peterborough. It is paid in monthly instalments and pays for clergy salaries, pensions and housing. The parish share also pays for us to have clergy cover and advisors on building, financial and other practical matters. Money from each parish is gathered into a central pot called the ‘Common Fund’ and re-distributed to parishes. This means clergy can be well-supported in their work whatever the size and means of their parish. How much St George’s pays is based upon our church membership and the socio-economic profile of Wootton. Our parish share payment for 2016 is £49,501.

How to Give

Offering up your time & talents to help others

We have a number of roles in the church that require a dedicated team of volunteers to keep things running smoothly. We continue to need help with the following activities:

·             Helping to administer communion
·             Helping to design or deliver activities for the children’s groups
·             Visiting those unable to come to church
·             Serving tea & coffee
·             Helping with fundraising ideas & events
·             Operating the CD player to ensure we have music during services
·             Reading bible passages during the service
·             Leading prayers during the service

If you can help out in any way and make a difference to others, please contact Lakshmi Jeffreys, our Rector, who will put you in touch with a co-ordinator. Contact her on 01604 962061, or via email: woottonvicar@talktalk.net

Making gifts of money

We receive gifts of money in a number of ways:

·             Via the offertory plate
·             Via standing order
·             Via gift aid envelopes
·             By legacy or bequest

If you are in a position to make a regular gift of money via standing order, then this puts the work of St George’s on a surer footing. If you have any queries about making gifts of money, please speak to Sue Oswin, Treasurer (s.oswin@sky.com) .